About The Brand

The Bottleneck 

This exceptional brand was launched in November 2016 when gym buff Harry Simonis spotted a gap in the market – muscle-fit shirts for muscular men. Their range of performance material dress shirts were tailored specifically to accommodate and accentuate athletes broader chests and upper arms.

The product is a trailblazer in the fashion industry and even though they had a very clear demographic they wanted to expand rapidly by taking their social media marketing to the next level, hiring Social Media Nexus to get them there.

Our Solution

Scale Away

Our Solution
Due to the mid-market RRP of their high-quality product range they had previously resorted to heavily discounting their products to boost sales. Devaluing their offering would not get them the sales and recognition this innovative brand deserved! We removed all discounting from the site then engineered a five layer click funnel to measure, hone and retarget until it produced their ideal customers.

The five-layer funnel started with a split tested brand awareness video across a variety of different audiences. Analysing the engagement levels we then targeted users who had watched 75% of the retargeting ads. Users who then visited the site within a certain number of days were approached with a dynamic retargeting ad, then followed up with a 3-day social proof ad using video testimonials. Any users that had not made a purchase after the previous four stages then received ads offering free shipping and discounts on multi-item purchases.

Our Results


This clear strategy designed to lead consumers down the sales funnel and recoup any resistant leads in the final stage meant that there was a strong conversion rate, the brand was elevated and customers were convinced by the social proof. Increasing sales at the RRP so dramatically that Tailored Athlete’s revenue went from £3.5k a month to £40k a month in just six weeks.

Since then demand has outmatched production and their highly-sought after shirts are now only available by pre-order and are still selling out!

We Came,

We Saw, 

We Scaled.

We haven’t stopped our aggressive growth strategy for Tailored Athlete.

In fact, we’ve only just begun.

How The Project Was Received

“"From the start, SMN knew exactly what was needed to take my eCommerce business to the next level. From strategising the most effective and profitable growth path for the company to keeping us in the loop of the latest marketing trends they have always surpassed our expectations. In the first month, SMN beat our targets by double the amount expected and we grew month on month from there. I couldn’t think of a better agency to recommend if you’re serious about scaling your company! - Harry"”

Harry SimonisFounder