About The Brand

Lean with an MVP

Shippit revolutionised fulfilment opportunities for SME’s in Australia. They created a cloud-based platform that integrates with multiple sales channels and carriers so retailers can ship their orders at the best possible rates with complete end-to-end tracking and full reporting functionality in just a few clicks.

Shippit wanted to kick off a brand awareness campaign using promotional videos of their existing users, successful Australian retail entrepreneurs, who shared insights into their businesses, their wins, their setback and advice to other businesses launching into retail.

Our Solution

Down The Rabbit Hole

We curated their great content in a comprehensive strategy. Staggering the video’s releases and breaking them into serial parts that engaged their audience in phases, innately testing the appropriate target markets and developing the customer relationship. We could see who followed the company through each video and nurtured the developing community by monitoring comment sentiments. We then deployed lead forms, retargeting and social proof to move them through the sales funnel stages and convert them into paying customers.

The Results

Growth… Backing 

Not only did we achieve and exceed their expectations when it came to brand awareness but in the space of five months we established Shippit as market and thought leaders in their sector. From this position of strength they began to organically produce leads on top of the several hundred leads that our marketing campaign generated. This compiled with the strong conversion rate made the project a roaring success.

Shippit has since dominated the Australian Market, proudly serving prestigious clients such as Top Shop and Sephora, In their latest round of funding they received offers up to $3.7 million (USD) but elected for a lesser offer of $1.6 million investment to accelerate their impressive growth into Asia during 2018. The growth of the company within the funding period meant they just didn’t need extra external investment.

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